Airplane Pro: Flight Simulator

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Nov 13, 2023
May 2, 2024
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Take flight in the most electrifying airborne journey with Airplane Pro: Flight Simulator! Jump into the pilot's seat, command a fleet of aircraft, and experience the highs of flying in one of the most immersive flying simulators out now. Ready to elevate your adventure? Join us in the skies now!

Take flight in real airplanes through an ever-expansive open-world flight simulator. Explore the skies above realistic scenery and airports in high fidelity with satellite map imagery. Witness towering skyscrapers, runways, air traffic, weather conditions, and true volumetric clouds to bring you a new level of immersion for the ultimate flight simulation.
More than 150 km² of the area!
Perform a wide variety of missions to become a professional airplane pilot.

!!Airplane Pro: Flight Simulator is the ultimate plane flying simulation with 27 free levels!!

Play exciting missions:
– Airplane emergency landings to test real piloting situations
– Transport passengers
– Escort the president with Airforce F-18
– Help victims after a plane accident
– Fly through all the checkpoints as fast as possible
– Land on an aircraft carrier
– Learn to take off and land on a runway, and full flight
– Emergency landing on the water
– Control your aircraft during a tempest
– Attach a banner in your aircraft to do some advertisement
– Land your aircraft during an engine failure

Airplanes aren't the only vehicles you can control. Get behind the wheel of some fast cars to take out on the road if you want to take the scenic route.
Play the ultimate airplane flight simulator, with dynamic weather conditions and realistic day and night cycle, with clear skies, tropical rain, snow, thunderstorms, wind, turbulence, and true 3d volumetric clouds!

– Dynamic Weather forecast: clear sky, rain, thunderstorms, snow
– Day and night cycle
– Volumetric cloud system
– Fly turbulence
– Real airplane flight physics
– Intuitive flying controls: buttons, joystick, or accelerometers
– Plane crashes and smoke effects.
– Realistic lighting and sound effects
– High-quality world environments with high res satellite imagery
– Highly detailed realistic airplane cockpit environment.
– Multiple on-board cameras to get every angle of the jet
– Huge selection of aircraft and vehicles drive
– Miles of roads to drift, boost, and drive on and do stunt jumps
– Fully interactive cockpit interface and controls

What's new

- Improvements to gameplay mission content for ease of understanding.
- Updated plane models with help from player feedback!
- Free-flight mode available without having to play missions!
- Unlocks planes after earning the correct amount of stars earner or 24 hours
- Updated vehicle selection with new aircraft for future updates
- Compressed textures to reduce file size
- Fixed grammar and misnaming of SU-27 (formally F-14 Max)
- New UI indicators added
- Minor issues fixed.