Aha World: School Day

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Jan 6, 2023
Jul 9, 2024
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Jump into Aha World, the most amazing role-playing game ever! You can create and dress up dolls, build and design your dream house, simulate daily life in a bustling city, and embark on thrilling adventures in tons of fantasy worlds.

Design a variety of dolls for your story! Create endless combinations of body shapes, facial features, and hairstyles, then apply stunning makeup to your doll – can you create the perfect look? Select from hundreds of types of clothes, accessories, and shoes to style your unique doll. Express your personality with different outfits. Pink fashion? Princess style? Y2K? Gothic? K-POP? Or design a brand-new style! You can create original designs, explore color combinations, and showcase your design talent.

Everyone in Aha World is under your control! Choose your dolls' expressions, give them a voice, make them move and dance, and (if you dare) make them fart! Give each a unique personality and tell their story your way. You can play the role of a doctor in the baby care center, a police officer chasing bad guys, a pop superstar, or a beautiful princess. If you find daily life too dull, transform into a warrior to battle dragons, embark on an adventure in the icy Polar Regions, or explore treasures in the mysterious depths of the sea. The only limit is your imagination.

What is your dream home? A pink princess apartment, an outdoor RV, or a spacious villa with a swimming pool? You can enjoy a single life with friends or choose to start a large family, take care of a baby, and raise a dog. Now, it’s time to unleash your inner designer and select from over 3000 furniture items – you can also DIY design furniture that is 100% unique to you and your home. After you design and decorate your home and fill it with your dolls, don't forget to invite your friends to the party!

Experience various lifestyles in the city: Care for babies in the daycare, play the role of a nurse in the hospital or go on a shopping spree in the mall. Explore city-life locations such as the school, police station, courthouse, media building, and more. Discover different towns, interact with various characters, and uncover the secrets of this mini world.

Embark on a journey full of challenges and mysteries! Dive into the mysterious underwater world to find lost treasures. Explore the frozen realm, discover prehistoric creatures hidden under the ice, and uncover the secrets of ancient times. Walk through the fairy tale forest, using magic and wisdom to defeat evil forces. Enter Dino Land to get close to dinosaurs and feel the power of these prehistoric giants. The adventure never ends!

· Over 500 stylish outfits in various styles
· More than 400 dolls and over 200 kinds of animals and pets
· More than 12 themes and 100+ locations, from everyday life to fantasy worlds
· Over 3000 pieces of furniture
· DIY design unique clothing and furniture
· Weather control to experience different landscapes of sun, rain, snow, and day and night
· Hundreds of puzzles and hidden Easter egg secrets
· Exciting surprise gifts available regularly
· Offline game, play without Wi-Fi or an internet connection

Aha World provides infinite creative spaces and grants endless possibilities. Be anyone you want to be, go anywhere you want to go, and create your own Aha World.

Contact us: contact@ahaworld.com