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May 21, 2024
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"Where are my children" is a family locator and GPS tracker that will allow you to exercise parental control and track the location of your child's mobile phone throughout the day.
“Where are my children” consists of two applications “Where are my children” and “Pingo”. A connection is created between them, which helps to find the phone and take care of the child – your children are under supervision.

Our features:

Family locator
View your child's current location and a list of places your child has visited throughout the day. The child's geolocation is updated in real time.

Child control and location tracking
Create geofences and receive alerts when your children come or leave specified places (school, home, etc.) and their geolocation changes: You can always find your child’s phone or other device on the map, and the GPS tracker will help you with this.

Safety comes first!
In case of an emergency or danger, children will always be able to notify you by pressing the SOS button: you will instantly receive information indicating the child’s geolocation and will be able to come to the rescue.

Sound alerts
Send a loud signal to your child's device, even if it is set to silent mode. You don't have to watch your baby all the time! Also, the function will make it easier to find the phone if the child has lost it.

Battery charge control
Receive notifications when your child's device is low on battery, so you don't have to wonder, "Where's my baby?" or worry.

Stay in touch
Share family chat messages using audio messages and fun stickers.

Application statistics: parental controls
Find out how much time your child spends on apps and games at school.

“Where are my children now?” – every parent keeps in mind. Now this is not a problem! You can exercise parental control and find your child wherever he is. Using the "geosearch" function you can find your phone on the map.
Our family locator is safe for the youngest members of the family: no one will be able to follow the child, find a phone number or find out the location unless you yourself have given permission. The application cannot be installed secretly; use is permitted only with the consent of the child. Personal data is stored in strict accordance with GDPR legislation and policy.

The Where Are My Kids app requests the following permissions:
– to the camera and photo: to set the child’s avatar
– to contacts: to fill in the phone book of the GPS watch
– to microphone: to send voice messages in chat
– special features – to limit the child’s time on the smartphone screen

Please review our documents:

– User Agreement: https://gdemoideti.ru/docs/terms-of-use/
– Privacy Policy: https://gdemoideti.ru/docs/privacy-policy

For all suggestions and questions regarding the operation of our GPS tracker for parental control, write to support@gdemoideti.ru or on the website https://gdemoideti.ru/faq

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